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About Make Money Goals

After working for many years in the Marine industry it slowly was becoming clear that I was filled with an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to pursue my own passions and dreams.

Over years of studying and dealing with my own finances, I wanted to share my experiences with other people which could benefit them. Personal finance is something that excites me the most and I am very passionate about it. Entering the stock markets during the Harshad Mehta heydays and then the collapse of the market led me to search for answers. I read a number of investment books and with time was able to identify multibagger stocks.

Along with my job I was also working as an insurance and mutual fund advisor but managing both was proving difficult. As I had saved sufficient money I thought of taking early retirement and here I am to talk about my financial experiences. When you save and invest money and allow it to compound over a period of time most of your financial stress can be taken care of. It is the goal of every person to retire, be self-sufficient, and not dependent on anyone for his financial needs. Proper planning and taking action will lead us to achieve our financial goals.