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Initial Public Offering(IPO) for the week.

Initial Public Offering(IPO) for the week.

The Initial Public Offerings (IPO) for the week are-

TRACXN Technologies Limited-

TRACXN Technologies Limited is among the leading global market intelligence providers for private company data and ranks among the top five players globally in terms of the number of companies profiled offering data of private market companies across sectors and geographies. It has one of the largest coverage of private companies in emerging technology sectors including IoT, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, blockchain, and electric vehicles. The company has an asset-light business model and operates a Software as a Service (“SaaS”)-based platform, Tracxn, that has scanned over 550 million web domains, and profiled over 1.4 million entities across 1,805 Feeds categorized across industries, sectors, sub-sectors, geographies, affiliations, and networks globally. The Customers of the company include a number of Fortune 500 companies and their affiliates such as Unilever Industries Private Limited.

The company offers customers private company data for deal sourcing, identifying M&A targets, deal diligence, analysis, and tracking emerging themes across industries and markets, among other uses, through its subscription-based platform, Tracxn. It launched the platform in Fiscal 2015 with a particular focus on the global emerging technology sector, providing users with detailed profiles of companies including detailed information on funding rounds and acquisition-related information, taxonomy and market maps, global competitor benchmarking, financial information, valuation and capitalization tables, employee count, investor profiles, competitor mapping, information about founders, key team and board member, company and sector-specific reports and news events.

The promoters of the company are Ms. Neha Singh and Mr. Abhishek Goyal.  The objects of the offer are to obtain the benefits of listing on the stock exchange which would enhance the brand image of the company.

The company had revenues of Rs 6.3 crore with a loss of 54.82 crores (Year ended March 31, 2020), revenues of Rs. 55.74 crores with a loss of Rs. 4.15 crores (Year ended March 31, 2021), and revenue of Rs.65.16 crores with a loss of Rs. 4.85 crores (Year ended March 31, 2022).

Phantom Digital Effects Limited-

Phantom Digital Effects Limited is a Certified Trusted Partner Network (TPN) company, a full-fledged creative VFX studio, based in India with offices operating in U.S .and Canada. The company provides high-end visual effects solutions for commercials, feature films, and Web series globally. Phantom Digital Effects Limited offers all sorts of creative VFX works, ranging from Final Compositing and Roto to creating 3D Elements, Photo real creatures and Environments, 3D, match move, and Animations.

The services offered by the company include-

  • Completing a Shot with final compositing.
  • Creating 3D elements, photo real creatures, and environments.
  • Rig/Wire removal, paint cleanup, rotoscopy.
  • 3D match move.
  • 3D animation (storyboard, animation).
  • Pre-visualization Game cinematic .
  • Fire/water Fx and other natural phenomena.
  •  3D ride animation.

The company conducts its operations with a focus on providing reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality VFX shots at competitive prices for the US and European markets. The promoter of the company is Mr. Bejoy Arputharaj Sam Manohar. The company intends to utilize the proceeds from the issue as capital expenditure for setting up studios and general corporate expenses.

The company had revenues of Rs 13.26 crore with a profit of 11.30 lakhs (Year ended March 31, 2020), revenues of Rs. 7.15 crores with a profit of Rs. 7.51 lakhs (Year ended March 31, 2021), and revenue of Rs. 22.36 crores with a profit of Rs. 4.90 crores (Year ended March 31, 2022).

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