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Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) for the week(13 Dec.- 19 Dec. 2021)

Initial Public offerings(IPOs) for the week 13 DFecember-19 December 2021.

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The list of Upcoming Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) for the week is given below-

Medplus Health Services Limited-

Medplus health was founded in 2006 by Gangadi Madhukar Reddy, a doctor with a vision to start a trusted pharmacy retail brand; offer genuine medicines and reduce inefficiencies in the supply chain using technology. Lavender Rose investment ltd. a unit of the Warburg Pincus group and affiliates of Premji Invest are the marquee investors in the company.

The company operates 2326 pharmacy retail stores as of September 2021; with 546 stores in Karnataka, 475 stores in Tamil Nadu, 474 stores in Telangana, 297 stores in Andhra Pradesh, 224 stores in West Bengal, 221 stores in Maharashtra and 89 stores in Odisha. It has 14,762 permanent employees assisting in a range of business activities which include manufacturing and contract manufacturing of private label pharmaceutical, wellness and FMCG products, wholesale and retail sale and pathology diagnostic laboratory testing. The competitors of Medplus health are PharmEasy, Netmeds and 1mg.

The omni-channel platform initiated by the company helps to service customers through stores as well as online channels. Customers can place orders online for collection at their preferred stores. The company has  warehouses in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai and Nagpur. These warehouses form hubs for stores whose inventories are completed through a centralized inventory management system.

Mediplus health had posted turnover of Rs. 2272.73 crore with net profits of Rs 11.92 crore (Year ended 31 March 2019), Rs. 2870.60 crore turnover with net profit of 1.79 crore (Year ended 31 March 2020) and Rs. 3069.26cr turnover with net profit of Rs. 63.11 crore (Year ended 31 March 2021).

Data Patterns-

Data Patterns is a technology based Product Company with specialty in defense and aerospace electronic systems. It was incorporated in 1985 and develops products for defense and aerospace applications in air, land, surface, underwater and space. Srinivasagopalan Rangarajan and Rekha Murthy Rangarajan are the promoters and the company has a dedicated team of around 760 employees.

Data Patterns leads the industry in development of advanced functionalities, world class thermal and environmental protection and build in life cycle maintenance strategies. The products are-

  • Design of COTS module products used in automatic equipment platform.
  • Development of Automated Test Equipment for critical aerospace requirements.
  • RF and microwave engineering capability fulfilling demand of radar, electronic warfare and communications domain.
  • State of the art electronic solutions for spectrum monitoring, wideband searching and direction finding for airborne and ground mobile applications.
  • Multi-function rugged LCD displays for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.
  • A range of STANAG 4193 compatible products to identify friend or foe.
  • Avionics products intended for airborne applications in manned and unmanned aircraft.
  • Electro-optical products for surveillance, imaging and testing equipment’s.
  • Products for space applications.
  • Naval products developed have been delivered to Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Mazagon docks.
  • Gimbal and actuator controller products.
  • High speed processors.
  • Naval Console for missile launch applications, torpedo launch applications and console for land based missile launches.

Data Patterns had revenues of Rs 132.5 crore with Net profit of 7.7 crore (Year ended March 31, 2019), revenues of Rs. 160.19 crore with Net profit of Rs. 21 crore (Year ended March 31, 2020) and revenue of Rs. 226.5 cr with Net profit of Rs. 55.57 crore(Year ended March 31, 2021).  The proceeds of the IPO would be utilized for repayment of certain outstanding borrowings of the company and upgrading company’s existing facilities in Chennai.

HP Adhesives Limited-

HP Adhesives is an adhesives and sealants company and Mr. Haresh Motwani is the founder of the company. The company has a portfolio of wide variety of adhesives and sealants with applications across many industries.

HP Adhesives has a distribution network of 750 distributors in 23 states and 4 Union territories, and also has more than 50,000 dealers. The products are sold in 21 countries across the globe and the manufacturing facility is located at Village Narangi in Raigad(Maharashtra).

The company has thirty-five years of expertise in the industry with a manufacturing capacity of over twelve thousand tons per annum and packaging capacity of more than two lakh fifty thousand units per day production capacity.

The products of the company include adhesives and sealants such as PVC. cPVC, uPVC solvent cement, synthetic rubber adhesive, PVA adhesive, gasket shellac, acrylic sealant, silicone sealant and PVS pipe lubricant. The applications of the products find use in industries like plumbing, irrigation, drainage and water distribution, construction, woodwork, footwear, automotive, duct and AC unit insulation,  pool and spa applications etc.

The revenue of HP Adhesives was Rs 87.97 crore with profit of Rs. 4 crore(Year ended 31 March 2019), revenue of Rs.86.83 crore with loss of Rs. 4.72 crore(Year ended 31st March, 2020) and revenue of Rs 123.87 crore with profit of Rs. 10.05 crore (Year ended 31 March 2021). The public issue is for funding the working capital requirements and expansion plans at the existing manufacturing facility.


FOCE India is engaged in supply, retailing and distribution of various types of wristwatches such as analog, digital, chronograph, designer etc. It opened the first retail watch store in Mumbai in January 2001 and with time becoming one of the front runners in the mid-range segment. The company distributes products through distribution channel and through 128 retail stores in the country. Foce India focuses on retailing watch brands through stores in Tier- I and Tier- II cities and its e-commerce platform allows catering to large section of consumers and ensures effective penetration of luxury watch brands.

Foce is an Italian word for the delta formed at the entrance of sea from river and has everything that includes river, land, sea and the dynamic power of water. Similarly Foce is a fashionable watch that has the immortality of love, youth and joy that a person would want to have forever.

The company is also does business of corporate gifting that includes wall clocks, belts, ties, wallets, pens, time piece etc. and other products under royalty brands that constitute around 3% of the revenue.

Promoters of the company are Mr. Manoj Sitaram Agarwal and Mrs. Anita Agarwal.  The revenue of the company was Rs. 62.08 crore with net profit of Rs. 1.58 crore(Year ended 31 March 20 19), revenue of Rs. 54.44 crore with net profit of Rs. 1.6 crore(Year ended 31 March, 2020) and revenue of Rs. 76.89 crore with net profit of Rs. 1.98 crore( Year ended 31 March,20 21). The company is coming out with the IPO to meet the working capital requirement and  other general corporate purpose.

Nupur Recyclers Limited-

Nupur Recyclers is a leading company in the field of import of metal scrap like shredded Zinc scrap, Zinc die cast scrap, Zurik scrap and Aluminium zorba grades. It processes materials from recyclables that keeps the earth healthy. It is embarking on a journey to develop new markets like UAE, Central Europe, USA and adding them to the business network.

There is a growing global concern for the environment that has led to an increase in recycling of materials that would otherwise end in landfill. The metal is collected from customers, brought to a waste transfer station and separated from the waste, using machinery. Waste metal is processed and transformed into new metal material by melting it down. The processing of raw metals requires plenty of energy while the reprocessing of metals does not require any additional material thereby helping to preserve natural resources.

The company has collaboration with EVI technologies to set up 200 charging points and many battery swapping stations. Mr Rajesh Gupta and Mr Anoop Garg are the promoters of the company. The revenue was Rs. 90.69 lakhs and net profit of Rs. 1.12 lakh(Year ended 31 March, 2019), revenue of Rs. 13.04 crore and net profit of Rs. 3.28 lakh (Year ended 31st March 2020) and revenue of Rs. 104.97 crore with a net profit of Rs. 10 crore(Year ended 31st March 2021). The company is coming out with the IPO to meet the working capital requirement and other general corporate purpose.

Euro Panel Products Limited-

Euro Panel Products Limited is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) sheets under the brand Eurobond. ACP is a flat panel made from two aluminum alloy sheets, which has with a non-aluminum core. It is used as  façade material of buildings, insulation and signage. Other than this ACPs have applications in body paneling in the automotive industry.

Started in 2003 Eurobond is the Flagship Company of Euro Panel Products Limited with headquarters in Mumbai and state of the art factory in Umbergaon. The factory has world class machineries to enable Eurobond to create cutting edge products, and has an installed capacity of producing 20,000 sq. m of ACP every day. The countries where the products are exported outside India include Libya, Egypt, Australia, Nepal, France etc. Alloy 3003 is used in the manufacture of ACP that increases its strength and life and helps in easy maintenance.

The revenue from operations was Rs. 108.02 crore and net profit Rs. 3.93 crore( Year ended 31 March 2019), revenue of Rs. 142.38 crore and net profit Rs.3.96 crore (Year ended 31 March 2020), revenue of Rs. 142.25 crore and net profit Rs. 3.70 crore(Year ended 31 March 2021.)

The promoters of the company are Rajesh Shah and Divyam Shah. The objective of the company for coming out with the IPO include meeting the incremental working capital requirements, repayment of unsecured loan and other general corporate purposes.

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