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Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) for the week(16 Jan.- 22 Jan. 2022)

Initial Public offerings( 16 Jan-22 Jan 2022)

The list of Upcoming Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) for the week(16 Jan.-22 Jan 2022) is given below-

IPO—-Alkosign Limited

Alkosign Limited manufactures visual presentation material like writing boards, display boards, and notice boards of different types. It also manufactures the accessories and stands used for these boards, school benches, and desks.

The manufacturing facility of the company is located in Bhiwandi and is equipped with machinery and other handling materials to aid the manufacturing process. There are many designs in the product basket of the company and are marketed under trademarks such as ‘Alkosign’, ‘Sit and Study’, ‘Brainee’,’ Glassy-BO’, ‘Ultra-EX’, and ’Ultra’. The company is focused on research and development and develops products in line with the trends. It has introduced a new product- glass whiteboards under the brand name, “Glassy-BO” which has features like being compatible with any marker pen, wiping out easily without leaving a stain, and being long lasting.

The products of the company are supplied in 22 states and it is now moving towards the international market having supplied the products to Saudi Arabia in 2021-22. It has 50 registered dealers and also supplies products to educational institutions directly on a purchase order basis. The company has a website https://alkosign.com/ for e-retailing and has tie-ups with e-commerce platforms. It also has tie-ups with international e-commerce platforms for the export of its products.

The promoters of the company are Samir Narendra Shah and Akshay Narendra Shah. Proceeds of the issue would be utilized for prepayment/repayment of certain secured borrowings, funding working capital requirements, and general corporate purposes. It believes the listing of the equity shares will enhance the company’s corporate image and brand name.

For the period ended June 30, 2021 the revenue of the company was Rs. 2.02 crore and net profit Rs.29.9 lakhs and for the financial year ended March 31, 2021 the revenue was Rs. 13.24 crore and net profit Rs. 66.07 lakhs.

IPO—-DJ Mediaprint & Logistics Ltd

DJ Mediaprint and Logistics Limited has its registered office in Mumbai and provides services such as integrated printing, logistics, and courier services in India and overseas, with widespread transport operations. It also provides speed post; bulk mailing, records management, manpower supply, bulk scanning, return of post-management, and newspaper print advertising services.   

The company has a wide customer base across various industry segments such as airlines, shipping, banking, logistics, education, healthcare, insurance, finance, lottery ticket, stockbroking, manufacturing, retail, telecom, and utilities. Its clients include National Insurance, LIC, Bharti Axa, GIC housing finance, Citi bank, Union Bank of India, Bank of India, Corporation Bank, State bank of India, Punjab National bank, Infosys, Wipro, Britannia, Aditya Birla Group, Dish TV, Larsen & Toubro, Philips, and NSDL.

The company has executed short-term and long-term contracts for printing and dispatch of credit card statements, annual reports, digital franking machine services, storage of records, and getting repeated orders from clients. Its current infrastructure has an assemblage of more than 30 types of machines for offset and digital printing and other print-related jobs. The production capacity can effectively print out 3 million magazines and 2.5 million books every month.

The company provides four types of courier services; unsecured shipments, semi-secured shipments, secured shipments, and bulk shipments. Its services under speed post include; registered post, first-class mail, ordinary post, bulk mail services, direct post, and business reply services.

The promoters of the company are Mr. Dinesh Muddu Kotian and Mr. Santhosh Muddu Kotian. The objective of the issue is to meet the working capital requirements and general corporate purposes. It believes the listing would enhance its brand image, corporate name and make future financing easier in case of diversification or expansion.

DJ Mediaprint & logistics limited posted revenue of Rs. 10.10 crore with net profits of Rs 28.9 lakh (Year ended 31 March 2017), Rs. 17.3 crore revenue with a net profit of 64.7 lakhs (Year ended 31 March 2018), Rs. 20.46 crore revenue with a net profit of Rs.1.01 crore (Year ended 31 March 2019), Rs. 21.18 crore revenue with a net profit of Rs. 1.09 crore( Year ended 31 March 2020)and Rs 24.66 crore revenue with a net profit of Rs. 1.26 crore(Year ended 31 March 2021).

IPO—-AGS Transact Technologies Limited

AGS Transact Technologies Limited provides banking automation solutions in India which it started in 2004. It is one of the largest Omni-channel payment solutions providers in India and provides digital and cash-based solutions to banks and corporate clients. The services of the company include ATM and CRM outsourcing, cash management, digital payment solutions, and transaction processing. Under the revenue from ATM managed services, revenue from cash management and number of ATMs replenished it is the second-largest company in India.

The company has 207,335 payment terminals and is one of the largest deployers of POS terminals at petroleum outlets in India. It has expanded internationally to other Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Cambodia to offer automation and payment solutions to banks and financial institutions.

The payment segment of the company comprises ATM and CRM outsourcing, cash management services, iCDs, toll and transit solutions, Fastlane transaction switching services, agency banking, and services through POS machines.

The promoters of the company are Mr. Ravi B. Goyal and Vineha Enterprises Private Limited. The objects of the offer are to carry out the offer for sales by shareholders and enhancement of the company’s brand name by listing the shares on the stock exchanges.

AGS Transact Technologies Limited posted revenue of Rs. 1805.74 crore with net profits of Rs 66.19 crore (Year ended 31 March 2019), Rs. 1800.4 crore revenue with a net profit of 83.01 crores (Year ended 31 March 2020) and Rs. 1758.9 crore revenue with a net profit of Rs.54.79 crore (Year ended 31 March 2021).

IPO—-Precision Metaliks Limited

Precision Metaliks Limited was incorporated in 2012. The unit is located in Visakhapatnam, a special economic zone. In this unit, the manufacturing activities and process on semi-furnished wheels is carried out by providing value-added services. The services provided are-

Value-added services on alloy wheels-

The company converts raw/semi-finished wheels to finished wheels by providing value-added services like polishing, buffing, testing, and packaging. It is also planning to provide these services to the USA market.

 Automated cleaning of Aluminium chips-

Aluminum can be processed, recycled, and reused many times. Since aluminum wheels are high-speed critical components they must be cleaned of any waste materials, coolant, moisture, and iron. The company runs the scrap through the automatic magnetic separator, washes the chips, chemically degreases them, and dries them before packaging.

Robotic polishing of alloy wheels-

The finish of alloy wheels includes a natural buff look and chrome finish. Chrome plating requires semi-finished wheels to be polished, grinded, and buffed before being plated. The company has a custom solution which is a combination of robotic grinding and buffing with automatic 3D polishing of wheel castings. This is an automated process and very consistent and efficient.

Other engineering services-

The company provides high-end design engineering services, analysis, product development, tooling design, and many other services.

The promoter of the company is Mrs. Jayanthi Roja Ramani. The objects of the issue are to meet additional working requirements and general corporate purposes. The listing will enhance the visibility of the company and provide a public trading market for the equity shares.

Precision Metaliks Limited posted revenue of Rs. 4.08 lakhs with net profits of Rs 0.46 lakh (Year ended 31 March 2019), Rs. 22.17 crore revenue with a net profit of 82.39 lakh(Year ended 31 March 2020) and Rs. 49.24 crore revenue with a net profit of Rs.1.49 crore (Year ended 31 March 2021).

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