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The Upcoming Initial Public Offering(IPO)

The Upcoming Initial Public Offering(IPO)

The upcoming initial public offering(IPO) is-

Shera Energy Limited-

Shera Energy Limited is engaged in the business of manufacturing winding wires and strips made of non-ferrous metals primarily Copper and Aluminium. It also manufactures wire rods, wires, and tubes of Copper and Brass which are manufactured in various shapes and sizes as per the requirement of the customers or demand in the market. The product range includes paper-covered wires, enamel and fiber-covered wires, round wires, rectangular wires, bunched wires, tubes, rods, strips, etc.

The Company has commenced manufacturing special-grade brass rods through a cold extrusion process suitable to make bullet shells for defense applications. It has successfully carried out trials and tests on this with customers and the product has been recently developed on account of demand in the ammunition industry. Shera energy limited has well-equipped manufacturing facilities with the latest technology, plant, and machinery for manufacturing and a quality control lab with in-house testing equipment to test the quality of its products.

The promoters of the company are Sheikh Naseem, Shivani Sheikh, and Isha Infrapower Private Limited. The net proceeds from the issue would be utilized for funding the working capital requirements of the company and general corporate purposes. Listing would enhance the brand image of the company and make future financing easier.

The company had revenues of Rs 426.19 crore with a profit of 3.61 crores (Year ended March 31, 2020), revenues of Rs. 422.71 crores with a profit of Rs. 5.02 crore (Year ended March 31, 2021), and revenue of Rs. 524.58 crores with a net profit of Rs. 6.99 crores (Year ended March 31, 2022).

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