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The Upcoming Initial Public Offerings(IPOs).

The Upcoming Initial Public Offerings

The upcoming initial public offerings(IPOs) are-

KFIN Technologies Limited-

KFIN Technologies Limited is a technology-driven financial services platform, providing comprehensive services and solutions to the capital markets including asset managers and corporate issuers across asset classes in India and also provides several investor solutions for mutual funds and private retirement schemes in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. It is India’s largest investor solutions provider to mutual funds and provides services to 25 out of 42 AMCs that represent 60% of the market share based on the number of AMC clients.

Out of the 60 AMCs in Malaysia across wholesale funds, unit trust funds, and private retirement schemes, KFIN technologies limited is servicing 16 AMC clients in Malaysia in addition to three clients in the Philippines and Hong Kong. In addition, the company has signed on two new AMCs in Malaysia and one AMC in Singapore that is yet to launch operations. It is the only investor and issuer solutions provider in India that offers services to asset managers such as mutual funds, alternative investment funds, wealth managers, and pension as well as corporate issuers.

The clients utilize the platform for the different service offerings for a substantial part of their operational requirements. The company offers a wide array of investor and issuer solutions including Omni-channel transaction origination and processing, channel management, which is the mapping of mutual fund schemes of AMCs to distributors selected by the AMCs, and related distributor management, including brokerage computation and channel servicing that, includes brokerage pay-out, query solution, and GST compliance assistance, customer onboarding with integrated KYC, unit allocation and redemption, reporting and compliance checks on a real-time basis. The technology products, solutions, and platforms help the clients to focus on their core business functions such as investment management and sales and marketing functions whilst entrusting the bulk of operational front office, middle office, and back office activities to the company’s platform.

The promoter of the company is General Atlantic Singapore Fund Pte. Ltd.(GASF) and the board of directors comprises Mr. Izkandar Edward Heylett and Mr. Ong Yu Huat. The company expects the listing of the Equity Shares will enhance its visibility and brand image and provide liquidity to its shareholders.

The company had revenues of Rs 164.7 crore with a profit of 9.2 crores (Year ended March 31, 2019), revenues of Rs.455.2 crores with a profit of Rs. 3.83 crores (Year ended March 31, 2020), and revenue of Rs.486.1 crores with a net loss of Rs. 64.3 crores (Year ended March 31, 2021).

ELIN Electronics Limited-

ELIN Electronics Limited is a leading electronics manufacturer of end-to-end product solutions for major brands of lighting, fans, and small/ kitchen appliances in India, and is one of the largest fractional horsepower motors manufacturers in India. It is projected to be the largest player in this category, with a market share of 12 % in Fiscal 2021, and one of the key players in LED lighting and flashlight with an EMS market share of approximately 7%, and also a key player in small appliances vertical with EMS market share of 10.7%.

The company manufactures and assembles a wide array of products and provides end-to-end product solutions and serves under both original equipment manufacturer and original design manufacturer business models. In the OEM model the company manufactures and supplies products basis designs developed by its customers and under the ODM model, in addition to manufacturing, the company conceptualizes and designs the products which are then marketed to its customers’ perspective under their brands.

The diversified product portfolio of the company includes:

  • LED lighting, fans, and switches including lighting products, ceiling, fresh air, TPW fans, and modular switches and sockets.
  •  Small appliances such as dry and steam irons, toasters, hand blenders, mixer grinders, hair dryers, and hair straighteners.
  • Fractional horsepower motors, which are used in mixer grinder, hand blender, wet grinder, chimney, air conditioner, heat convector, TPW fans, etc. and
  • Other products such as terminal blocks for air conditioners, stainless steel blades for mixer grinders, die casting and radio sets.

The key customers by business verticals include:

  • LED lighting, fans, and switches: -Signify Innovations and Eveready;
  • Small appliances: -Philips, Bosch, Faber, Panasonic, and Usha;
  • Fractional horsepower motors: -Havells, Bosch, Faber, Panasonic, Preethi (owned by Philips), Groupe SEB (Maharaja brand), and Usha;
  • Medical diagnostic cartridges:- Molbio Diagnostics Private Limited; and
  • Moulded and sheet metal parts and components: -Denso and IFB.

The promoters of the company are Mangi Lal Sethia, Kamal Sethia, Kishore Sethia, Gaurav Sethia, Sanjeev Sethia, Sumit Sethia, Suman Sethia, Vasudha Sethia, and Vinay Kumar Sethia. The net proceeds of the issue would be utilized for repayment/prepayment of borrowings availed by the company and funding the capital expenditure towards upgrading its facilities at Ghaziabad and Verna, Goa.

The company had revenues of Rs 829.7 crore with a profit of 28.2 crores (Year ended March 31, 2019), revenues of Rs. 786.3 crores with a profit of Rs. 28.7 crores (Year ended March 31, 2020), and revenue of Rs. 864.9 crores with a net loss of Rs. 34.5 crores (Year ended March 31, 2021).

Homesfy Realty Limited-

Homesfy Realty Limited was incorporated on May 06, 2011, in Thane, Maharashtra, and is engaged in providing real estate broking services to real estate developers, retail buyers/sellers, and investors for residential and commercial space. It deals in newly constructed properties, where it assists the real estate developers in selling and the customers in purchasing the properties. It operates its business through direct selling from its in-house sales team and direct selling agent listed on mymagnet platform for referral services. The company was founded with a belief that it can create the best experience in housing transactions and services by focusing on productivity, transparency, and quality of service providers driven by 4 pillars i.e. people, process, technology, and platform

The company runs its brokerage business in the name of Homesfy and is partnered with mymagnet platform. It has grown with a proven track record and hence has enabled the company to build customer service standards that drive the rapid and sustainable growth of mymagnet platform. It has more than 9 years of experience in enabling housing transactions through Homesfy. Currently, the company generates 80% of its revenue via direct selling and the remaining 20% via mymagnet platform.

Homesfy realty limited has a network of 7 offices located in 4 cities, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, and Bangalore, which engage in sales, marketing, and payment collection activities for its business. The tech-enabled platform, Proptech, increasing internet penetration in India has led to a revolution in the Indian real estate brokerage industry enabling customers, with a new experience of real-time data, faster services, execution, and transparent transactions and the company has housed an appropriate team of the talented pool, technology and customer focused and service-oriented teams to provide the customer with unmatched experience in the whole transaction process.

Homesfy brokerage business is a combination of both offline and online presence allowing agents on its platform to effectively hone deeper market expertise, generate leads and win trust from customers. The objectives of the issue are to meet the working capital requirements and general corporate purposes. Listing would enhance the brand image of the company.

The company had revenues of Rs 11.93 crore with a profit of 91.35 lakhs (Year ended March 31, 2020), revenues of Rs. 14.75 crores with a profit of Rs. 1.99 crores (Year ended March 31, 2021), and revenue of Rs. 30.39 crores with a net loss of Rs. 3.18 crores (Year ended March 31, 2022).

RBM Infracon Limited-

RBM Infracon Limited is engaged in the business of engineering, execution, testing, commissioning operation, and maintenance, particularly in the field of mechanical and rotary equipment for oil & gas refineries, gas cracker plants, coal/gas/WHR-based power plants, petrochemical, chemicals, cement, fertilizers. The company is class -I certified boiler repairer/erector and system /feed line fabricator / and erector service provider. It is involved in annual rate contracts mechanical jobs at Nayara in the different plants like crude, DHDS, DCU, Offsite, and RTF with manpower of around 650 persons, and also involved in ARC maintenance jobs in RIL Jamnanagar and YARA –Babrala.  The company has an order book of Rs 121 crores as of September 2022 and has also received a letter of intent from Malco Energy Limited (Part of Vedanta Group) worth Rs 200 Crores for operations and maintenance of the met coke manufacturing plant.

The promoters of the company are Mr. Jaybajrang Ramaishish Mani. The proceeds from the issue will be utilized for the working capital requirements and general corporate purposes. Listing would also enhance the brand image of the company.

The company had revenues of Rs 35.16 crore with a loss of 12.03 lakhs (Year ended March 31, 2019), revenues of Rs. 38.88 crore with a loss of Rs. 1.33 crores (Year ended March 31, 2020), and revenue of Rs. 47.63 crores with a profit of Rs. 1.90 crores (Year ended March 31, 2021).

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