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What is a customized credit card?

What is a customized credit card?

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Credit cards are fast becoming the most accepted mode of payment. They can be used for purchasing groceries, clothes, booking a movie ticket, and paying utility bills, and much more. There is a credit limit involved and the cardholders can purchase anything within the decided limit. Besides this, there are interest-free cash withdrawals, reward points, insurance coverage, travel cards having complimentary lounge access at the airports and railways, and regular discounts and cash backs.

A credit card offers a few benefits depending on your spending pattern. There are a few credit cards that let their customers personalize their cards on a design level but now there are options to customize their credit cards based on the features and benefits. A customized credit card offers a host of benefits across your spending pattern.  There is the freedom to choose the features of the card the way you prefer.

Credit card companies offer certain attractive features in different categories and it is difficult for customers to get these features in a single card. So they have to avail multiple cards according to their requirements. In the AU bank LIT card, the bank has given the power to choose these features in the hands of the customers.

AU bank’s LIT credit card offers benefits such as movie streaming subscriptions, airport lounge access, milestone benefits, lifestyle memberships, and rewards for shopping online and offline. For the most basic variant of the LIT card, there are no annual renewal charges if you don’t opt for reward benefits. There are many benefits in one single card and you get to select the basket of features you are interested in. There is 1 reward point for every Rs. 100 spent.  The features of this card are-

  • The power to select and change features according to your lifestyle.
  • You can switch on/off the features.
  • The features can be tracked in real-time through AU 0101.
  • You can pick the pricing that fits your budget.
  • Earn 10X or 5X reward points on online domestic and international transactions.
  • You are eligible for 3 months of free membership of Amazon Prime, ZEE5, and Cult.fit.
  • Up to 4 complimentary airport visits per quarter at the airport.
  • An extra cashback of 5% on dining, travel, and grocery expenses in addition to 1 reward point per INR 100 transaction.

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