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What is Streedhan and how can a woman protect it?

What is Streedhan and how can a woman protect it?

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The word Streedhan is derived from the words “Stree” meaning a woman and “Dhan” meaning asset or property. Taking together the two words, Streedhan means the property of a woman. The woman has complete rights over Streedhan and she can claim it even after separation from her husband.

Streedhan includes the entire movable and immovable property; gifts received by a woman before marriage, at the time of marriage, during childbirth, or during widowhood, and include cash, ornaments, investments, or immovable property in any form. It is the wealth received by a woman from her father, mother, brother, sister, husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law, relatives, and cousins from the husband’s side and the other wealth she receives after marriage in her matrimonial home.

The right to Streedhan for a woman is protected by law. Section 14 of the Hindu succession act states that even if Streedhan is placed with her husband or in-laws they should return it when demanded by her. Section 12 of the domestic violence act states that when a woman is a victim of domestic violence, the provisions of the law can be used for the recovery of Streedhan.

Things that is included in Streedhan-

  • It includes jewelry, properties, paintings, artifacts, appliances, furniture, or the things gifted to a woman. These may have been received before marriage, during the marriage, and after marriage and could be from parents, in-laws, relatives, and friends.
  • All the earnings of a woman before and after marriage and her investments and savings through service, profession, or business.
  • Property received by her as a share during the partition of family property.
  • Property received by a woman as a consideration for any compromise.
  • Property that a woman has purchased through her own Streedhan.
  • Property received in lieu of maintenance.
  • Property a woman has received in inheritance.
  • Property received through decree or adverse possession.

Things not included in Streedhan-

  • Jewelry like a ring or a gold chain and other valuables that are gifted to a husband by the parents of his wife at the time of marriage.
  • The earnings of a woman spent on household can’t be claimed back.

Things a woman can do to protect her Streedhan-

  • A woman should always keep a list of gifts and properties she has received before marriage, at the time of marriage, and during widowhood.
  • There should be evidence of gifts received in the form of wedding pictures. In case of a failed marriage, these wedding pictures provide legal evidence that you own the jewelry.
  • The bills of the gifts received must be in her name and she should be able to produce them at the time of requirement.
  • The woman should have two witnesses whose statements would provide evidence for the movable gifts received during the marriage.
  • A woman should record all the investments done by Streedhan.
  • The woman should have a separate salary account in her name.
  • A woman can request her parents to gift her income-generating assets rather than consumer items as it is easier to keep records/documentation of non-consumption items.

Tax treatment-

When you are a working woman and have been gifted property by your parents then the income you earn from the property is added to your income and you pay the tax.


If a Hindu woman dies intestate leaving her Streedhan behind then it will pass upon to her own heirs. A woman has the complete right over Streedhan whether it is movable or immovable property. Her husband or her in-laws do not have right over it.

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